What if you could follow a step by step formula to make ANY adventure happen? No matter how big or crazy.



Don't you shake your head... This is not too good to be true and I'll show you how.



You've been told you need a spreadsheet, so you've created the mother of all spreadsheets. It's colour coded, has approximately 5000 tabs and beautiful sorting functions. Are you any closer to setting out on your adventure? Not really...


You know what you want: adventure. But any more details than that, you're not really sure. You've maybe got a vague idea of what might be fun, but how to turn that into something actually real seems out of reach.


You've got this specific adventure dream. It's way up there in the clouds. Then there's you, stuck on the floor staring up at it like "How??" If only someone could show you what to do to reach it.


You've got an unstratchable adventure itch. Everything you've tried just hasn't really cut it. You're starting to think there might be something wrong with you. Maybe you'll never find the adventure of a lifetime you're after.


You spend 9-5 gazing out the window dreaming of adventure... or secretly browsing travel sites on a hidden tab. Yep, been there! But you're always too "busy" doing what you're "supposed" to do in life, while your adventure runs off into the sunset without you.



You've come to the right place.


If you keep hitting your head against the same problems, walking in the same circles, then nothing's going to change. If you want to break out of the monotony, get the confidence and actually make this thing happen... then you're going to have to try something DIFFERENT. Stop going round in circles and think a minute.

Imagine a world where you could...

Be a Do-er not a Dreamer, take action and make your adventures happen.

Always feel as prepared or unprepared as you want to be for your adventure. Without getting lost in a spreadsheet or having a last minute chaotic panic.

Have the confidence to start, safe in the knowledge that if you follow your personalised plan you'll get there. No more second guessing about what you're supposed to be doing.

Take the most direct and efficient line between you and the start of your adventure. No more planning than necessary. Each step taking you closer to your goal.

Get this, adventurer:

You can achieve all this by simply following my action-by-action Adventure Blueprint.




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I want to introduce you to my secret weapon.

Adventure Blueprint Course Image

The Adventure Blueprint is my action-by-action course and community where I'll walk you through the D.A.R.E. Method. This is my complete system to help busy people learn how to pin down their adventure and transform it from "one day" to achievable goal that actually happens.

So that you can have the confidence and skills to break out the mundane and live the adventurous life you want.

This is the exact same system I use to plan and do all sorts of adventures - from a weekend's wild camping to a 3 month cycling expedition.

And the best part?

You'll learn the techniques to create your own personalised adventure success path - so it's guaranteed to make your adventure happen, if you follow the steps and take all the actions.



Let me take you back to what my adventure planning process looked like before I discovered and refined the D.A.R.E. Method...

I was going out and doing adventures, but my planning was a hot mess. Juggling life + work + everything else, I'd be answering emails and sorting logistics right up to the last second. There was always a mad packing dash the night before leaving. Always. It felt like no matter what I did there was still a last second panic about something.

You know what they say: fail to plan and plan to make your life exceedingly difficult. I thought I was planning, but my notes were all over the place. To do lists and sticky notes on every surface, half-finished spreadsheets... Planning an adventure was way more stressful than doing the actual thing. Adventure was the easy bit. All I wanted to do was leave asap to escape the logistical mess I'd got myself in. I had no idea what I was doing.

Then the more adventures I did, the more people started asking me about adventure planning. You know, friends, family, random strangers on the internet... "How do I decide what to do?" "How should I prepare for my expedition?" "How do I start?" I felt like an absolute fraud. I couldn't answer their questions and I couldn't tell them the truth - because the truth was chaos.

But I thought: there must be a way I can explain this to people. I mean, despite everything, I am managing to go on adventures. Something's working. There must be a way I can fix this up and create an infallable process from zero to adventure. So I sat down and worked out exactly how I was making adventures happen... and what was getting in the way. The more I dug, the more I realised where the chaos was coming from. So I smoothed and refined everything into an action-by-action process, until if you stepped on at one end and kept stepping, you'd arrive at your adventure start line no matter what.


Adventure Planning Became Fun - as soon as I found the smooth path, all the stress disappeared. I was no longer running round like crazy, not knowing what I was doing. I was 100% in control and knew I was on a path with an outcome I could trust.

I Stopped Feeling Uninspired - I'd felt like I was losing my adventure mojo. Everything was just a bit meh. Now I had a way of generating loads of original adventure ideas that inspired and excited me. Plus I could shoot for bigger and bolder adventures because I could make a success path.

I Never Got Lost in the Spreadsheet - no longer did the spreadsheet own me. I could use the back on an envelope or a wizzy spreadsheet. It didn't matter. I was in control of a framework that could be adapted for any adventure - big or small, long or short, sensible or downright crazy. I could build it up to a level I was happy with, then roll with it.

Today this is the ONLY METHOD I use to plan adventures. It works time and again, leaving me thinking I WISH I'D KNOWN THIS SOONER!

What's included you ask?

5 Video Training Modules

You'll learn the D.A.R.E. Method of adventure planning from start to finish, zero to setting out on your adventure. Every single lesson finishes with an action. Complete each action, one at a time, to create your adventure from scratch.

The Adventure Blueprint Course Workbook, Framework Document and Resources

All the tools you need to complete your actions, made easy. Fill in the blanks in your workbook. Use the structures and systems already set up for you. Just plug and play.

Lifetime Access and Free Updates

This course is a living thing. If I come across a new tip that I think would help you, I'll add it. I'm always listening to students, tweaking and improving. Need a deep dive on something or extra clarity on a topic? I'll add it.


1. Lay the Foundations Get yourself set up and ready to complete the course quickly and efficiently.

2. Define You'll learn how to come up with loads of ideas for potential adventures, how to ensure that your adventure will scratch your itch - not just be another holiday - and stop yourself from letting your adventure slip into "one day".

3. Adjust You'll break down your fears and concerns about your chosen adventure; find the balance between discomfort and danger; and create your personal step-by-step path to adventure success.

4. Realise You'll start bringing your adventure plan towards reality, by building a structure from the top down. You'll discover how to fill in the details of your framework using resources you already have and adopt a "get stuff done" attitude.

5. Execute Finally, you'll build your launch pad - key items your adventure will fall apart without. You'll learn methods to beat overwhelm and dead-ends in your planning; how to convert your adventure framework into do-able actions; plus a unique system to take massive action and not get lost in a spreadsheet.

Want Bonuses? You got it.

Registering for The Adventure Blueprint will not only give you access to all modules, with lessons, videos, resources and worksheets - but you’ll also get these bonuses, for free. Including…

AN ADVENTURE COMMUNITY - Join the private course Facebook Group and get to know other students. Adventure planning can be a lonely business, so we've created a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and get help. Heck, who knows - one day you might end up going on an adventure with them!

Not convinced yet? Here's your alternatives

LEAVE IT FOR ONE DAY - Never actually go on your adventure. Just talk about it forever, dream about it, maybe push it to the back of your busy to do list.

D.I.Y. - take the long hard road to working it out yourself. Sure, it can be done. I mean I did it. But it took me like 10 years to reach the system I have now - and a heck tonne of stress and chaos.

KEEP DOING OTHER PEOPLE'S ADVENTURES - buy adventure package holidays, go on guided tours, join in with adventure plans that other people came up with. It might be a lot of fun. But it'll be someone else's dream, not yours. That adventure itch is going to need some scratching.

HIRE AN ADVENTURE LOGISTICIAN - I don't know quite where you'd find one, but I'm sure there are people out there who plan adventures for a living. Think personal consultant. You tell them what to do and an expert produces the plans for you. Or perhaps approach an adventure holiday company for a bespoke trip.

It's time to make your adventure happen.

Take your first step towards making your adventure happen today. It's never going to be urgent until it's too late...




Prices in GBP, pay in any currency.

Who's teaching the Adventure Blueprint?

Hey, I'm Emily Woodhouse and I make adventures happen. I have over 10 years’ experience leading groups in the outdoors and organising trips. My adventures have taken me from Scotland to South Africa, Spain to Slovenia - and that's just the letter "S"! I'm a qualified Mountain Leader and have been trained on risk assessment and international trip management. As an educator, I've taught over 11,000 people through online courses.

The D.A.R.E Method is your roadmap from crazy adventure dream to stepping out of your front door. It's the formula I wish I'd had from the start, when I did my first expeditions as a teenager. I've learnt the hard way, but you can take the short cut. Let me help you make that adventure happen!


Where does The Adventure Blueprint take place?

This is an online course. You will have lifetime access to the material, including any updates, so you can study at your own pace.

How is The Adventure Blueprint different from other online courses?

There are lots of mediocre online courses out there. I've taken several and there's nothing more disappointing than being given a whole load of information and being told, "Right then, off you go!" The Adventure Blueprint is a step-by-step, action-by-action course. If you do the actions at the end of each lesson, one by one, you'll end up at the start of your adventure no matter what.

Do I need to have been on an adventure before?

No, not at all. It would be a bit cheeky to expect you to be a seasoned adventurer before taking an adventure planning course. The system works for complete novices as well as for people with many adventures under their belt. What you need is a committed attitude and the willingness to take action.

What do the resources cover?

Think of it as like a workbook for the course. If the course says "go do this thing" then there'll be a template for you to fill out in the resources. You'll complete the documents and fill in the gaps as you go along.

What's not in the programme?

The course takes you from potentially no idea of what your adventure might be to the point where you're ready to book your travel/accommodation/time off work. Basically from zero to the point your adventure becomes real. We won't book your logistics for you, or work out the exact details of your adventure for you. Everyone's is so different. But, we will equip you to be able to go and do these things for yourself.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the course, if you've had access then we cannot offer a refund. However, if you change your mind before you receive the link and log in for the first time then we should be able to.

I live outside the UK. Can I still take this course?

Absolutely. The Adventure Blueprint teaches a system that can work anywhere in the world. You just need internet connection. The course is taught in English.

Ready to make your adventure happen?




Prices in GBP, pay in any currency.