Intrepid Magazine Contributors

Hello! Thanks so much for wanting to help with Intrepid Magazine.

We are looking for:

  • Feature articles
  • Adventure stories
  • Willing interviewees
  • How-to articles and skill sharing
  • Any other ideas you’d love to see in this print magazine!

Ideally content should be accompanied with relevant, high quality photographs. We can’t accept any articles which have been published already elsewhere – sorry! We will be compensating writers for their work (you deserve it!), but I’m afraid it won’t be very much until we get the magazine off the ground.

If you’re not a writer, but have some ninja skills you think we might need then feel free to fill out the form below too. It’s read by a human being (me!) so don’t worry.

Sound awesome? Fill in the boxes below and I’ll get in contact with you asap.
P.S. I’m on my ML during the week of 28th October, but you’ll hear from me as soon as I get back!

Thanks so much! If you’ve got a spare moment, please share what we’re doing with one other person who’d love a Women’s Adventure and Outdoors print magazine. Early interest page is here.

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