101 Reasons to Cycle to Work

It’s been a couple of months now since I’ve been commuting 40 miles a day by bicycle. People keep asking me why I do it, so I thought I’d compile a list of reasons you’d want to cycle to work:

  1. Meeting people on cycling adventures
  2. Skipping the queues of traffic
  3. Going at your own speed/ leave when you want
  4. Never having to run for the bus again
  5. Time to put life into perspective
  6. Getting nearly hit by a deer
  7. Arriving at work soaking wet and laughing
  8. The Feeling of Freedom and choice
  9. Fresh morning air
  10. No two commutes are the same
  11. An excuse to eat more biscuits
  12. Save money by showering at work
  13. An excuse for being less well dressed than the rest of the office
  14. Respect and disbelief from you colleagues (often in equal measures)
  15. A way to make new friends
  16. An excuse to bring a practical bag, not a hand-bag or briefcase
  17. To bump into people you already know, but weren’t expecting
  18. An excuse to accidentally forget to take your sunglasses off your head in the office
  19. To get fitter
  20. To train for your first sportive
  21. An excuse to buy (another) bike
  22. To make use of a cycle-to-work scheme
  23. To wake up without administering caffeine
  24. To avoid sharing the bus with school children
  25. To save money
  26. To save the planet
  27. To pretend you’re going for a bike ride and just happen to spend some time infront of a computer in the middle of it.
  28. To get your vitamin D for the day
  29. An excuse to buy a sports watch
  30. To feel alive
  31. To learn how to judge the traffic lights
  32. To appreciate how much space you should give cyclists when overtaking

… Okay, so I didn’t get to 101 on my own. But that’s why I need your help! Please comment below with your own reasons (serious, non-serious, anecdotal etc) to cycle to work and let’s get to 101.

  • Gareth Mate

    I cycle 32 miles daily, 5 times a week. I agree with most of the above. I just would include… To simply pursue a more positive start and end to the working day. Endorphins are great!

  • Louise Corden

    Great list! I’d add :
    – look forward to your commute instead of dreading it
    – to bulk up your thighs
    – to save time
    – to get to know your own city
    – to build cycle confidence without realising
    – to eat cake (yeah, I saw you had biscuits on there already, but this needed to be said too)